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Migrant English

As well as teaching you the English you need for your day to day life and work in New Zealand, our course covers important aspects of life and culture in New Zealand. We aim to help you make the most of your life here by teaching you about the following topics.
Have a look at an outline of Unit One:

Unit 1: New Zealand introduction
• Meeting and greeting: formal and informal
• Introducing a family
• A day in the life of a family
• Leaving a message
• NZ Geography
• A weather report
Unit 2: Families in New Zealand
• Family life
• Family relationships
• Celebrations
• Physical descriptions
• Personality descriptions
Unit 3: Kiwi Shopping
• Types of shops
• Shopping for food
• Names of fruit and vegetables
• Quantities
• Types of clothes
• Other types of shopping: online, classified ads, markets, garage sales
Unit 4: Education
• Overview of education system in NZ:
• Primary, secondary school and tertiary level
• Parent/Teacher meetings,
• Keeping in touch with a school
• Qualifications: NCEA , University
• Community education courses: finding out about a course
Unit 5: Driving
• Getting a driver’s licence
• A car accident: what happened, what to do
• Buying a car
• Warrant of fitness and registration
• Public transport in New Zealand
Unit 6: Health
• Symptoms
• Visit to the doctors
• Doctors, hospitals and health clinics
• Community cards, health bureaucracy, health and safety etc
• Types of injuries
• Phoning for an ambulance
Unit 7: Housing
• Types of accommodation in New Zealand
• Features and furnishings of a typical Kiwi home
• Renting a house
• Buying a house
• Renovating
Unit 8: Recreation
• Sports, games and sporting places
• Sport as part of New Zealand’s heritage
• Hobbies
• Socializing
• Urban entertainment (movies, theatre etc)
• Music, art and literature
Unit 9: Employment
Types of jobs
• Writing a cv
• Reading job advertisements
• Applying for a job
• Job interviews
• Work conditions: salaries, tax, leave entitlements
Unit 10: Major industries in New Zealand
• wine
• tourism
• agriculture
• fashion
• film
• fishing
Unit 11: New Zealand history and culture
• Maori discovery and settlement of New Zealand
• European and later settlement of New Zealand
• Treaty of Waitangi
• Visiting a Marae
• Important commemorations