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About This Course

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English for Migrants is specially written for migrants to New Zealand to help improve their English and learn more about life in New Zealand.

English for Migrants is taught using ablend of internet based lessons and individual tutor support. This means our students can study in their own time from their homes or even public libraries. Learn English online anytime, anywhere. Each student has their own personal tutor who checks all their written exercises and provides regular feedback. Our personal tutors also phone each student once a week so that students can practise speaking and pronunciation.

There are 11 units in the course, and each course lasts 22 weeks. Each unit is based on an aspect of daily life such as Education, Health, Driving, Families etc. In each unit students practise grammar, reading, listening and writing. There are regular assignments and weekly phonecalls.

There is a discussion board where students can share their experiences and thoughts with other migrants doing our courses. This gives students the chance to improve their communicative skills and also to make new friends and contacts in New Zealand.

We are here to help you settle into you new life in New Zealand as quickly and easily as possible!